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    Founder, Roy McMurray has been a proud part of Brevard County's medical community for over 31 years! He entered the field to make a difference, and he and his staff do this by providing patients with the best prosthetic care and services possible. His "one on one" philosophy has made Brevard Prosthetics a leader in the industry. He has applied for many patents on a variety of techniques—many of which represent major breakthroughs in prosthetics care and service.

    Rapid turn-around times, same day appointments when needed, hospital, home or skilled nursing facilities visits are just some of the reasons people concerned about qualiy care choose Brevard Prosthetics. For your convience, prosthetic appointments can be scheduled around your other medical needs (dialysis, MD follow-ups, therapy, etc.).

    We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with our patients. An indepth consultation is included as part of the evaluation process to establish how best to meet the needs and goals of the individual.  Our licensed practitioners are happy to talk with patients and family members about how we can help to meet your prosthetic needs, what new techniques might be available to you, and what upcoming technologies we are currently researching and developing.


    The practitioners at Brevard Prosthetics have earned accreditation from the American Board of Certification—the prosthetics industrys highest recognition and are FLST licensed. One of our prosthetists is also a physical therapists, giving you, the client, a level of service unmatched in Brevard.

    Our practitioners maintain open communincation with Physicians, Nurses, Case Managers, Physical and Occupational therapists, and other health professionals actively involved in your medical care.


    The only state of the art fabrication laboratory in the county. All other prosthetic offices must ship your limb out of the area. This means, with Brevard Prosthetics, you get a high quality, optimally fitted, fully customized upper and/or lower extremity prosthetic device. In addition, the on-site fabrication laboratory guarantees that patients receive the fastest care and service possible.


    With locations in North, Central and South Brevard, the hometown team at Brevard Prosthetics can accommodate the entire community… mater where in the county the physician practices or the patient lives.


    The Brevard Prosthetics insurance team is skilled at working directly with insurance providers to ensure the patient an easy and simplified billing process.

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